Made by hand: Ashley Owens weaves together business, pleasure, and community

April 2018 | Vendor Spotlight

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When Ashley Owens, owner of Black Sheep Goods, sets up shop with her loom at any of the 10-ish festivals she attends as a vendor each year, people take notice.


Her 3-year-old company specializes in hand-woven tapestries, DIY Weaving Kits, fiber jewelry, and handspun yarn made with all reclaimed fibers. While events and festivals are a great way for her to promote her business and sell merchandise, Ashley loves the community-building aspects that festivals offer.


“Community is a big part of what I do,” Ashley said. “I like to educate people on this relaxing and meditative art of weaving. Seeing people try it out on my sample loom I have out at shows makes me so happy.”


Festivals also give her the opportunity to showcase her ever evolving product lineup. Her latest innovation? Black Sheep Goods now offers one-of-a-kind, ice-dyed clothing and accessories made with dyeing technique that uses melting ice to create a watercolor effect.

Black Sheep Goods - Ashley Owens (2)_preview.jpeg

Narrowing down my favorite is hard, but the funniest has to be when a storm was coming in and tents starting blowing everywhere and people were helping out left and right trying to hang on to these tents so they wouldn’t blow over. It all happened so fast that we couldn't help but laugh at the situation.


I would say bring lots of snacks, make friends with your neighbor vendors, and interact with your customers. Talk to them, connect with them. Just think that every person that walks into your booth is a potential sale so don't be afraid to go for the sale. And if they pass on a sale then at least hand them a business card.


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