Beyond Tables & Tents: 6 Surefire Tips for Maximizing your Vendor Booth Opportunity

April Feature

We’ve talked a lot recently about the benefits of sponsoring and vending at events and festivals. The exposure. The brand awareness. The sales. The networking… it’s good stuff.


NOW we want to share a few ideas for making the best use of your vendor booth space. Whether you’re pushing merch, recruiting talent, or just trying to get your name out there - here are our top 6 tips for boosting your booth appeal so you and your new customers (or friends. or future employees.) go home happy.


  1. Bring a friend. Always work a booth with another person. Not only is this helpful during bathroom breaks, but having someone else by your side who can answer questions and use a Square reader is super handy during high-traffic times. They can also help you get unstuck from a conversation with a chatty Cathy when it’s time for you to move on. Just pick a code word in advance. Coo coo!

  2. Let ‘em linger, even if they’re not buying anything. See, people are more likely to enter a booth when someone else is there ahead of them. Don’t lose patience with the person who spends a lot of time looking and then leaves without buying; they’re doing you a favor by helping you show how friendly and popular you are, and that sends a message to other passers-by that it’s safe for them to stop in, too.

  3. Be cool, baby. Nobody likes a pushy salesperson, so let people browse and ask questions. Let ‘em tell you about their Yorkie’s dietary restrictions. Heck, even bid them a fond farewell as they leave with a handful of sweets from your candy bowl - which, btw, we recommend you display on your table as a friendly lure. Never let ‘em see you sweat and they’re likely to come back later to make a purchase.

  4. Gamify. People love free stuff… but even more, people love to win free stuff. Make your booth space an interactive experience by giving people a chance to step inside and try their luck. Maybe they spin a wheel and - yippee! - win a prize. Or they guess how many Jelly Beans are in a jar and wait anxiously as you announce a new winner every hour. You get the idea. Find a way to create some high energy around your booth and attract a crowd on command.

  5. Know your role. Actually, better yet, know the role the event producer is playing before you show up. At all of our events, we provide vendors with a 10’x10’ space. But other event producers may provide something else or have many levels of space for rent. If it’s not clear, then be sure to ask what will be provided so you can pack appropriately.

  6. Create a selfie situation. Attract people to your booth by giving them something sensational to take a picture with, in front of, beside, inside, on top of… you get the picture. (You get the pun, too) ;)  We recently featured one of our successful vendors whose “traveling booth” serves as a great photo backdrop.  But you don’t have to go THAT big to make it work. Cut the center out of a posterboard and bedazzle it with your company name or logo and - voila - you’ve created a real life photo frame that people can pose behind. Say cheese! 


How many potential customers do you talk to in a typical day?

If you’re like most business owners, you probably don’t even want to tell us the answer (because it’s 0) - and that’s okay. We get it! Most industries don’t allow you to get out and meet face-to-face with your customers on the regular, even though that is one of the best ways to promote your brand, make sales, and even find inspiration for how to improve your products and services to make even more money. That’s why we are so excited to be able to connect you with the thousands of people who attend each of our 15+ events throughout the year. And, for a small price, you get to make a huge investment in the success of your company.


Let’s talk about which of our upcoming opportunities sounds like the best fit for your goals. We’d love to introduce you to the neighbors… thousands of them.