Tips from seasoned vendor and awesome artist Kasey E Caldwell

February 2018 | Vendor Spotlight

Now is the time for business owners to gear up for festival season!

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Kasey E Caldwell has been creating one-of-a-king mixed media wall art full time for the past five years and loving every minute of it. Especially during festival season.


She creates her art out of her home workshop and office with her company KCdesignZ LLC, so when the first festival of the season rolls around in March, she’s more than ready to get out and meet new friends and potential customers. Each year she participates in 15-20 events throughout the Nashville region


“These events are where I get my inspiration and get to actually interact with the customer,” Kasey said. “That's what it's all about! During January and February, I find myself slowing losing my inspiration and as soon as March comes around and I get to do my first show of the year all my excitement and purpose comes flooding back!”


She said festivals and events drive the majority of her income as an artist.


What was your favorite festival moment?

Gosh there are so many. However, I'll never forget the feel and energy surrounding Nashville Pride Fest the year the the Supreme Court ruled for same-sex marriage equality. It was so amazing to be a part of that and share in everyone’s happiness!

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What advice do you have for first time vendors?

1. Weights, weights, weights.

2. Be patient, especially when it is time to load out.

3. Show up on time when time to set up.

4. Always load in a day early if that’s an option.

5. Bring a partner to help you if you can.

6. Never pack up early.

7. Bring plenty of back up.

8. Design your set up prior to the show.


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